Our dishes

Let yourself be pampered by the service and kitchen team in our restaurant Frenzis Mediterran in a pleasant atmosphere with culinary delicacies.

In our restaurant we offer you fine Mediterranean cuisine in a great ambience. Look forward to our seasonal specialties from the menu and try our classics! We look forward to your visit!

All dishes also to take away!
1Tomato soup a la creme with fine cream and Parmesan-Walnut-Lemon-Gremolata, refined with fresh basil6.50
56Grilled Octopus14.90
70Fried Aubergines and Zucchini8.90
73Baby calamares filled with white cheese13.90
11Aioli (homemade)3.20
12Dates in bacon coat5.90
13Fresh mushrooms fried in garlic-chili-oil5.90
14Bruschetta Napoli (2 pieces) with fresh tomatoes on aioli4.20
15Tzatziki (homemade)4.50
16Olives seedless marinated in garlic and herb oil4.60
17Peppers fried in tomato and garlic sauce5.90
19Cevapcici 3 pieces7.50
20Pimientos de Padron5.90
21Goat cheese in sesame crust refined with honey4.90
22Mozzarella with tomatoes, fresh basil and olive oil6.20
24Cheese- or aubergine puree5.50
25Potato wedges with aioli or fiery dip4.50
26Baked sheep cheese8.90
27Spanish Meatballs7.90
28Fiocci filled with pears on gorgonzola sauce8.90
29Meatballs 3 pieces7.50
31Scampi or mussels Saganaki in tomato sauce, oregano and feta cheese9.90
33Portion of bread1.50
51Prawns in garlic oil9.90
53Mussels au gratin in tomato, garlic and herb sauce8.20
54Anchovies fried with aioli6.90
55Calamares fried with cocktail dressing6.90
59Serrano ham 12 months matured7.20
62Beef carpaccio with rocket and parmesan7.90
64Beef carpaccio with rocket and parmesan7.90
652 pinchos-skewers with aioli dip7.90
662 chicken-skewers marinated in garlic7.90
906Tapas plate (for 2 persons) small39.80
907Tapas Platte (für 2 Personen) large53.80
Meat dishes
200Chicken breast fillet with peaches, sauce hollandaise and cheese gratinated with french fries16.90
201Pork filet a la cream in a mushroom cream sauce with rosemary potatoes18.90
203Pork loin steaks gratinated with fresh mushrooms, sauce hollandaise and cheese, served with French fries17.90
204Veal rolls filled with spinach and Serrano ham wrapped in pine nut sauce with garlic spaghetti25.90
206Lamb filet on tomato-herb sauce, fresh spinach and rosemary potatoes26.90
208Rump steak with herb butter, served with french fries22.90
209Rump steak a la cream in mushroom cream sauce, served with rosemary potatoes23.90
210Rump steak in pepper sauce, served with rosemary potatoes23.90
211Fillet of beef with herb butter, served with rosemary potatoes28.90
212Fillet of beef a la creme in mushroom cream sauce, served with rosemary potatoes29.90
221Pork loin steaks wrapped in bacon with Bearnaise sauce, served with French fries18.90
223Fillet of beef with pepper sauce, served with french fries29.90
300Penne Pomodoro, tomato sauce, basil and garlic8.90
301Mediterranean penne with broccoli, mushrooms, boiled ham, garlic in tomato cream sauce12.90
302Penne vegetarian with vegetables in tomato cream sauce12.90
303Penne Spinaci on gorgonzola sauce10.90
307Linguini con scampi with fresh tomatoes16.90
308Linguini "Frenzis" with beef strips, porcini mushrooms, fresh rocket and parmesan16.90
309Linguini Salmone with salmon strips in tomato cream sauce16.90
310Linguini aglio e olio, piquant in olive oil with garlic8.90
Side dishes
800French fries3.50
803Rosemary potatoes4.00
804Fried potatoes3.50
807Hollandaise sauce3.50
808Pepper sauce3.50
809Mushroom cream sauce3.50
811Bernaise sauce3.50
90Small mixed salad4.90
91Salad with chicken strips and mushrooms with parmesan13.90
93Large mixed salad with tuna12.90
94Large mixed salad with fried scampi in chilli and white balsamic vinaigrette13.90
101Salmone salmon fillet on black tagliatelle in a tomato cream sauce19.90
102Pike-perch fillet in white wine tarragon sauce with rosemary potatoes and vegetables of the day24.90
106Dorade with rosemary potatoes and green salad22.90
107Sole garnished with prawns served with rosemary potatoes and vegetablesTages-preis
290Homemade Tiramisu6.90
291Deep-fried ice cream8.90
292Chocolate Soufle7.90
293Crepes with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and walnut kernels8.90
500Sherry medium/dry 5cl4.50
501Martini 5cl4.50
502VW-Cocktail Vermouth/Williamspear6.50
503Campari orange6.50
505Glass of sparkling wine5.50
Alcoholic Drinks
670Ramazotti 2 cl3.00
671Averna 2 cl3.00
672Fernet Branca 2 cl3.00
673Grappa 2 cl5.50
674Ouzo 2 cl3.00
675Hierbas 2 cl3.00
676Linie Aquavit 2 cl3.50
677Jubiläums-Aquavit 2 cl3.50
678Schladerer Obstbrand 2 cl4.00
679Metaxa ***** 2 cl4.00
680Tequila Silver 2 cl3.00
681Wodka 2 cl3.00
682Sambuca 2 cl3.00
683Cointreau 2 cl4.00
684Amaretto 2 cl3.00
685Tia Maria 2 cl4.00
686Baileys 4 cl4.00
687Licör 43 2 cl4.00
688Osborne Veterano 2 cl3.50
689Carlos I 2 cl5.50
690Cardenal Mendoza 2 cl6.50
691Gran Duque d`Alba 2 cl6.50
692Remy Martin V.S.O.P. 2 cl4.50
693Hennessy 2 cl4.50
694Vecchia Romagna 2 cl4.50
695Jim Beam 2 cl4.00
696Jack Daniels 2 cl5.00
697Dimple 2 cl6.00
698Chivas Regal 2 cl6.00
699Bacardi 2 cl4.00
701Johnnie Walker 2 cl4.00
702Ron Zacapa Rum (23 J.) 2 cl8.50
Hot drinks
551Double Espresso3.70
553Coffee Carajillo4.50
555Latte Macchiato3.40
556Glass of Tea2.40
557Milky Coffee3.00
König-Pilsener vom Fass 0,252.50
König-Pilsener vom Fass 0,43.90
Alster/Radler/Pils-Schuß 0,252.50
Alster/Radler/Pils-Schuß 0,43.90
San Miguel 0,333.90
König-Pilsener alkoholfrei 0,333.30
Frankenheim-Alt vom Fass 0,252.50
Frankenheim-Alt vom Fass 0,43.90
Krefelder/Alt-Schuß 0,252.50
Krefelder/Alt-Schuß 0,43.90
Benediktiner Weizenbier hell 0,54.40
Benediktiner Weizenbier dunkel 0,54.40
Benediktiner Weizenbier alkoholfrei 0,54.40
Malzbier 0,252.50
Malzbier 0,43.90
Soft drinks
Coca-Cola/Sinalco-Limonaden 0,22.30
Coca-Cola/Sinalco-Limonaden 0,44.20
Coca-Cola-light 0,333.60
Apfelschorle 0,22.30
Apfelschorle 0,44.20
Acqua Morelli Sprudel 0,252.80
Acqua Morelli Sprudel 0,757.20
Acqua Morelli naturell 0,252.80
Acqua Morelli naturell 0,757.20
Bitter Lemon 0,22.50
Orangensaft 0,22.80
Apfelsaft 0,22.80
Kirschsaft 0,22.80
sonstige Säfte 0,22.80
Open wines
Montepulciano 0,2l6.00
Merlot 0,2l6.00
Primitivo 0,2l6.00
Syrah 0,2l6.00
Tempranillo (Zarzuela) 0,2l6.50